Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Longwood roofing contractor has outstanding roof repair costs !

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We have been Roofing here for over twenty years and in that time we have saved homeowners thousands of dollars maintaining the roofs on there homes and businesses.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Roofing Insurance claim advice what they dont tell Orlando homeowners!!

Roof damage to your home?
Thinking about calling your insurance company about your roof?
Never made a claim on your insurance ?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

9 Ways Orlando Roof repair will make you live a healthier life!

9 Ways Orlando Roof repair will make you live a healthier life!

Orlando Roof repair specialist offers to help you live stress free.  Roof problems are common problems encountered by home and commercial establishment owners. It is true that an ideal roofing system shields individuals from intense heat, cold and all other elements that compromise security and protection. Once the roof gets damaged, you can expect for many other problems that pose negative effects on individuals’ protection, comfort, privacy, and convenience. Once the roof shows some signs of problems, it is highly essential to deal with this issue as soon as possible to avoid further damages.
Some homeowners and commercial property owners choose to resolve the issues on their own. This can be a possible option. However, hiring s roof repair specialist is a better move. Individuals got countless reasons why they need to commit with professional roofing specialist and avail for the services that they offer. One of the reasons is that professional roofing specialist has sufficient knowledge and expertise in dealing with roof problems. If your roof needs repair, replacement, and installation, this individual delivers the type of service that you actually need.
It is also a viable option to hire a roof repair specialist to save your time, money, and effort. This individual knows the materials and other essential things needed in the repair. This simply means you are saving yourself from higher expenses due to buying unnecessary things that you do not need. This scenario happens mostly when individuals choose to handle the problems posed by their roof alone. If you have the desire to shield your family with highly functional roof, consider hiring a roof repair specialist.
This roof repair specialist is highly capable of repairing your roof and getting it back to its previous useful condition in a precise manner. Roof repair specialist has also the capability to deliver quality services that guarantee positive results. If you are in Orlando and you needed repair, you can seek help from Orlando roof repair. Instead of spending lots of money going to distant places, you can hire local roofing professionals. The Orlando repair specialist guarantees result that is far better than the results offered by other roofing companies.
The Orlando Roof Repair Company specializes in repairing different types of roof including flat roof, tile roof and shingle roof. The company has been in the roofing industry for 20 years, and they got the expertise and experience. Thousands of roofs in Orlando were repaired by this company and consistent results were held. This is mainly one of the reasons why this roofing company is a top choice among local customers.
Hiring Orlando Roof Repair Company entails immense benefits that you can never achieve when you choose to handle roof problem alone. Clients are given sensible quotes when bidding for the job. Another reason why you need to hire this roofing company is that their roof repair specialists are willing to work based on your schedule. Roof repairs take some time before reaching task completion, but Orlando roof repair specialist can do the servicing on time. The best tools and materials are used, producing high quality results. Individuals can now enjoy a sturdy and functional roof made possible with the help of this company.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

WOW Worst New Roof Replacement! The Old Roof was Better!

New Shingle roof ? The old one was better than this.

How to choose a roofing contractor
 Don't you just dislike those days in Orlando Florida when you wake up and the first thing you do is check the weather and find out its going to rain most of the day.
 Well maybe its just us but being Orlando roofing contractors we have to take the daily weather conditions seriously. So when we went to check out a roof what another contractor had started and left the homeowner with a mess we were a little amazed at how bad the work done was.
 Now when we arrived to check the roof  we noticed that all the drywall was already damaged by the rain of today and the insulation was ruined.

I need a roofer
 Up on the roof it was bad really bad. No nailing of the roof deck. No permit , felt not nailed or secured, flashing damaged, skylights leaking vents not sealed and to top it all the old roof had just been left to drop on the floor all around the house. I was speechless i have not seen this kind of shoddy work since the hurricanes back in 2005.

Ultimately this is the Owners fault he tried to save money by using a unlicensed Roofing contractor. I am sure the old roof was a hundred times better than this.

I would be interested in your opinions on the work and licensing in general as i know we have visitors from other states on the site and even other country's.